SUIT'S led 'Sea Quarter' in Hadera, Israel's leading Smart & Sustainable Neighborhood  to represent Israel at the World Urban Forum 2020                          20/1/2020

Israeli Ministry of Housing chose the 'Sea Quarter' as Israel's urban innovation showpiece at the World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi. This unique & innovative Master Plan includes an intensive mixed-use development of 10,000 units in multi-residential complexes, hospitality, offices, retail & public buildings, focused on creating a sustainable synergy between the built environment, natural habitat & the future community through flexible urban planning tools and integration of localized infrastructure & data-based local management systems.       

Future Proofing Cities – Keynote at the Sustainable city and International Green City Model workshop, Qingdao, China                                             

Rafi was invited to talk at a Chinese workshop in the beautiful city of Qingdao, organized by the municipality and IGMC. Rafi spoke about trust, planning, and stakeholder collaboration in a smart & sustainable city, explaining how this may be successful (or may fail), explained and presented in our projects and processes

Blockchain, Data and the City- a keynote at the UN Smart & Sustainable city conference, Addis Abeba    4/9/2019

Rafi was invited to speak at the UN initiated conference at the UN campus in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, The keynote and the following discussion was about the role, dangers and opportunities of distributed ledgers, self-governance and data-based management of urban communities. SUITS believes that current application knowledge and regulation may reduce the potential of inclusive development within the cities, as they may seclude communities and areas, due to the distribution of data and reduction of privacy. while this may create trust and better business ecosystems, we believe that communities and regulations should be co-developed to ensure the opportunities without the risks.

SUiTS to develop the National Smart City Masterplan for Angola

the Angolan government has decided to sign an MOU with SUiTS to develop a smart city masterplan for the country and the capital Luanda. The plan will include mapping local challenges, linking local and international opportunities, and creating a roadmap that will include policies, training, community engagement and implementation of synrgetic projects.

SUiTS selected to prepare the smart city road map and action plan for Holon Municipality, Israel

the city of Holon, a mid-size city just outside of Tel Aviv, branded as Israel's  ‘children’s city’ selected SUiTS to develop the smart city road map and to create a synergy between the municipal strategic plan and urban innovation.
the plan will include strategies in 6 themes: planning & the public realm, economic development, Education, Youth and community, municipal services & digital transformation. one of the main aspects would be enabling a"city-for-all" 

Keynote - The Shared Economy and the role of city planners in creating and managing smarter cities

Rafi Rich, gave a keynote on urban innovation and the shared economy and the important role of municipal city planners in answering to the huge complexities of managing cities in an era of uncertainty. the lecture was  in front of Israel's leading city planners and municipal planning teams in and was later on transformed into an article in Israel's "local authorities" magazine   (link below to thearticle in Hebrew)

Rafi Rich Chosen as Urban Advisor to the prestigious Maoz Leadership Fellowship in Boston and Israel 

Rafi Rich was appointed Innovation Advisor to the distinguished Maoz fellowship for leaders in local authorities. The unique program includes training and networking for leaders from Arabs & Jews from Ultra-orthodox, modern orthodox and secular backgrounds. at the end of the one-year program, the group spends two weeks in the Boston area, including one week at Harvard Business School

photo: dialogue with the police chief of Lawrence, MA about trust, governance, and service innovation