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The Lab’s unique focus on secondary cities, stems from an understanding that while most of the global urban growth is happening in secondary cities, most of them have fewer resources, knowledge, and capacities to effectively plan and manage urban development and promote employment and economic opportunities to improve the quality of life for their residents, communities, and businesses


With this in mind, it is a surprise that most of the global urban thinking, budgets and solutions are still being developed for and by large developed cities with larger expenditures and resources. In the developing world, most of the global funds are concentrated in rural areas or on micro-scale solutions with no real benefit for sustainable economic growth. This limited focus neglects secondary cities in the developing and developed world alike, substantially affecting global stability, equality & sustainability. 

The MidCityLabs has been developed to alter this trend by creating an on-the-ground, market-focused innovation ecosystem, partnering with leading organizations and urban stakeholders to work together on understanding these cities and urban typologies and defining better ways to introduce better quality of life, resilience, and sustainability, through the 3 main pillars in the following page